Clam-shell killer or a cannibal – the biggest clam in the world. Five feet in length and weighing over 200 pounds, he lives in areas of coral reefs to a depth of 20 meters. This shell lives a very long time – years poppet 150. It is called “Giant clam” “Tridacna”. People are naturally he does not eat, unless he specifically did not get into the closing doors. But the size of his inspires and generates awful legends. The giant clam is considered a delicacy in Japan, France, Southeast Asia and many Pacific islands. He himself lived through symbiosis with algae, which live on it. And also know how to filter water passing through it and vytseplyat out plankton


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mak eh..beso idup lagik ker?

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xtau la bro.leh kenduri puas2 ni..haha

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